Primo Piatto/First PlatePrimo Piatto/First Plate

Pasta DinnerAll our pasta dishes are served with the Dante Club’s signature thick, rich tomato sauce. Dante Club tomato sauce is made with pork ribs. A vegetarian tomato sauce is available upon request.

Rigatoni – A traditional Italian favourite, particularly in the south of Italy. ** $11.99

Spaghetti – Fresh spaghetti made in-house. ** $13.99

Penne Arrabbiata – A twist on the classic dish of penne in a rich, spicy (Arrabbiata) tomato sauce,  made fresh with sliced Dante Club sausages, and jalapeno peppers for that extra kick.* $14.99

Lasagna – The Club’s specialty, made in house with layers of fresh pasta, meat sauce and cheese.** $13.99

Gnocchi – Tasty soft dough bite sized dumplings made with flour, eggs and potatoes. ** $13.99

Gluten free available upon request. $14.99

Ravioli – A traditional Italian dish made in-house; option of ricotta cheese or meat filling. $15.99

Spaghetti fra diavolo – Spaghetti served in a vegetarian tomato sauce, shrimp, basil, and jalapeno peppers. * $17.99

Risotto – A northern Italian dish of Arborio rice cooked in a broth and mixed to a creamy  consistency with chicken and Parmegiano cheese. $16.99

Spaghetti aglio e olio – Spaghetti mixed in a sauce of garlic, lightly sautéed in olive oil. $12.99

Pasta con frutti di mare / Seafood pasta

Spaghetti con le cozze / Spaghetti with mussels -Spaghetti and mussels served with tomato sauce,  garlic, basil and white wine.$16.99

Spaghetti alle vongole / Spaghetti with clams -Spaghetti served with clams, sautéed in garlic, olive oil and basil sauce Also available in a tomato sauce. $15.99

* spicy

** Dante Club Specialty