The Porcupine Dante Club currently has a total membership of 493. There are 354 male members and 139 female members. There are 67 Affiliate members and 94 Associate members. Members of the Dante Club pay an annual membership fee of $60.

Membership falls under three categories: Regular members, Affiliate members and Associate members.

Regular members are those male and female members of Italian origin who are eighteen years of age and over.

Affiliate members are males of non-Italian origin who are married to females of Italian origin and females of non-Italian origin who are married to males of Italian origin. These Affiliate members have all the rights, privileges and responsibilities as Regular members and may run for office.

Associate members are males and females of non-Italian origin. They may use the Dante Club facilities and attend Club functions. Associate members shall have the right to vote on all matters pertaining to the operation of the Club except those dealing with any constitutional concerns or amendments. Associate members may not run for office.