Hall RentalHall Rental

Any damages incurred or excess cleanup will be billed to the person who signed the contract. The Porcupine Dante Club executives will decide the amount.

  • A Deposit of $500 is required at the time of booking and $500 one month before the event. Should the event be cancelled, there will be NO REFUND.
  • A guaranteed number of guests must be provided for the club at least 96 hours (4 days) before the event. The club will supply at least 5% above the given number. Upon billing, you will be charged for the guaranteed number of dishes plus any additional plates required. No food will be allowed to be taken from the hall.
  • Should a coat check be needed, $1.00 per coat will be charged, with a minimum fee of $75.00
  • You may not, under any circumstances, bring an outside caterer on the premises during the banquet.
  • The use of candles is permitted as long as the flame is below the top of the glass container. Should you create your own candle holder, please bring it to the club for approval.
  • If you choose the Gold Corp Banquet Room, you must guarantee a minimum of 150 plates. Should you wish to use the Gold Corp Banquet Room and your numbers are smaller then 150 people, you may rent the hall; however, you will be required to pay for 150 plates.
  • The Dante Club provide all wine glasses, as well as water glasses for the banquet tables. Also provided on the tables are cutlery and linen table cloths.
  • The Dante Club will maintain and ensure the hall is clean for all functions.
  • The Dante Club shall not be responsible for any items left behind at any given function.
  • You have a choice of using rectangular tables or round tables. Both of these types of tables seats 8 people comfortably. (You can go up to 10 people on round)
  • If you wish to get married in our hall, there will be a $500 fee.
  • No streamers in the Gold Corp Banquet Room
  • A midnight lunch is also available upon request. Please make arrangements with management.
  • The Dante Club will handle all bars for all occasions.  This includes all glassware, mixes and bartenders.
  • The prices for all drinks and coolers at all cash bars is set by the Club and reviewed annually.
  • There will be a $200 charge for confetti not approved by management.
  • The Dante Club will allow you to bring in your own wine (Weddings ONLY). However, you must obtain a special occasion’s permit.
  • The hall must be cleared by 2am; however, if you wish to keep the bar open until 2am, a $500 charge will be added
  • All prices are subject to HST.
  • Please be advised that the Dante Club is not responsible for decorating the halls.
  • There is no cake cutting fees in our club.
  • There is a corkage fee at our club.
  • Patrons not having dinner with their function will be charged a fee based upon the choice of hall and day of the week.

Gold Corp Banquet Room


  • Rectangular Tables | Dinner / Dance | 400 people
  • Rectangular Tables | Dinner only | 500 people
  • Round Tables | Dinner / Dance | 280 people
  • Round Tables | Dinner only | 350 people

Upstairs Hall

  • Rectangular Tables | Dinner / Dance | 100 people
  • Rectangular Tables | Dinner only | 120 people
  • Round Tables | Dinner / Dance | 90 people
  • Round Tables | Dinner Only | 100 people