Festa ItalianaFesta Italiana


The winner of the Share the Wealth draw at Festa 2019 was Mr Isaac Carbajol from Arizona.

The winning ticket number was red -5463353 worth $450.00!

Congratulations Isaac!!!

Another year, another Festa. Once again the Dante Club’s Festa Italiana was a huge success. This year we had 3 full days of fun and each day was very well supported by the community but especially the members of our club. I would like to thank each and every one of you who participated in one or more events because it is this type of support that keeps the organizing committee energized and willing to do it all over again next year. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive so please book off the last weekend in July 2020 for Festa #4!!

An event of this magnitude cannot happen without the time and effort of its volunteers and the financial support of our sponsors. I would like to take this opportunity to thank:

1.My Festa Italiana organizing committee, Mario Ciccone, Louis Clausi, Hector Ciccone, Sam Rizzuto, Elaine MacKenzie, Dina Licop and Carmela Bos. This group put up with endless emails, texts, meetings and last minute changes and performed their assigned tasks and duties without hesitation. With a committee like this, an event like Festa is so much easier to manage.

  1. Every volunteer who arrived early to set up, clean the hall, decorate, sell tickets, BBQ, sell food and drinks serve supper , and help clean up at the end of the day. It was an amazing sight to see so many volunteers at 7:00 am on Sunday arriving to do their part to make the day a success. I am sorry for not being able to thank you each individually but I just want to say thank you for giving us your time on a nice weekend in the summer. It is greatly appreciated.

There are certain volunteers who I must thank individually for the work they did before , during and after Festa. These individuals and their “crews” put in extra time to make the weekend run smoother.

Milton Smith – who every morning at 5:00 am was at the club making sauce, preparing ingredients for meatball making, lasagnas, desserts, porchettas and sausage as well as helping to set up the parking lot for Friday and Sunday.

Carlo Didone and Alfonso Colarossi – the masters of the pig. The club is so lucky to have these two individuals who effortlessly make sausages, porchettas and operate the pig roast.

Elaine Mackenzie for running a very successful first ever Festa Italiana Bocce Tourney.

Alana Loreto and Elaine Mackenzie for cooking 20 pizzas on Friday while every one else was outside enjoying Party in the Parking Lot

Linda Pasi for running another successful Meatball Golf Classic.

Dina Licop for frying fresh pizza fritters on a very hot Sunday afternoon.

Dino Colasacco for donating his trailer and his time to set up and clean up all the tents, trailers, tables and chairs for the street party.

Paul Delmonte for donating his crane for the flags and BBQing all afternoon.

My family and friends who instead of enjoying Festa, worked Festa- Mario and Danny and their families, Alana and my girls, John D’Alessandri and Louis Frapporti.

The food makers- the meatball rollers who made 2100 meatballs, Dina Licop and her lasagna and dessert crew, Frankie Morandin and her pizza gang and Anna Loreto and Vince Purificati with their fried pepper posse.

Dom Flaminio and his staff- Rodney Jacques, Tyler Vince Gail Bouchard and Crystal Bouchard

Sylvie Girard , Tara Leduc and Danielle Chouinard from Scotia Bank who sold tickets from 12:00 -6:00 pm.

Laurie Ann Loreto Neal for her tireless dedication to the Dante Club choir.

3.Finally as mentioned earlier this event cannot happen without the generosity of our sponsors. Without their financial assistance, Festa simply would not happen.I would like to thank each and every of our sponsors:


Signature Sponsors

Mrs Delores Larche

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

Gold Sponsors


Ryan Taylor  Timmins Honda

Jim Mascioli Timmins Garage

David Degilio  Arctic Home Furnishings

Mark Torchia  Wendy’s/Boston Pizza

Rob Racine  J and B Cycle and Marine

Dr. Danny J Rain  Family Dentist Sudbury

Mario Loreto  Investors Group

Mario Ciccone

Chris Loreto

Gilles Bisson MPP

Scotia Bank

Silver Sponsors

Val Venneri  James Toyota

Frank Rubino  Francescos’s Pizzeria

Rob Floreani  Northern Mechanical

Dr. Louisa Bellemare

Dr. Paul Armstrong

Baker -Tilly SNT LLP

Jeff Cook  Gale’s Draperies

Paul Delmonte  Delmonte Gravel


Bronze Sponsors

Louis Frapporti  Gowling Associates

Darren Taylor  Steinberg and Mahn

Perfect Settings

Riopelle Group

Lessard -Stephens

Timmins Flower Shop

Don Wyatt

LouAnne Visconti

Donations In Kind

Lisa Wilson  The Daily Press

Robert Rubino

Luc Chalifoux Midnight Express DJ Services

Noella Rinaldo  Timmins Downtown BIA

Fr John Lemire Sacred Heart Parish

Once again thank you to everyone who helped and attended and if anyone has photos of the weekend can you please forward them to the club so we can include them on our website.

Until next year.

Chris Loreto

Festa Italiana