President’s MessagePresident’s Message

Hector Ciccone
Dante Club President

The Porcupine Dante Club, was founded in 1952 by a group of Italian business men to provide a location where Italians could meet and interact with their fellow countrymen in social and cultural activities.

The club has expanded its mandate to sponsor welfare projects, sports, educational and cultural activities such as the Ethnic Festival and various arts. Now, we are known for all of the above plus we now provide the best of Italian food in our restaurant which is open Thursday’s and Friday’s for the general public and every day for hall rentals for meetings, seminars and ethnic nights and weddings in our two halls. For more information, call our manager at (705) 264-3185.

Our main hall, now known as the Goldcorp Room, can accommodate up to 275 people. It has recently been renovated with new flooring, chandeliers, a new paint job and a state of the art sound system.

Our club , which began as a men’s club, has recently undergone constitutional changes which I am pleased to say, now entitles women to full and equal membership rights in our organization. Women will now be able to run for elected office and enjoy full privileges in running our club. Membership in our club is not limited solely to Italians. We have a large number of non-Italian members as well who enjoy our facilities.

Our lounge area is open daily excluding Sundays for bocce, darts, cards, watching television or enjoying a beverage or to provide a location where friends can meet and enjoy their culture. The officers of the club are : the President, Vice-President, Italian Secretary, English Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and Eight Directors nominated and elected by the general voting membership for a two year term. The Directors meet monthly or more often if the need arises.

A general meeting of all members is held monthly excluding the summer months. Come and join us, we welcome new input.